Abby, the girl who imagines.

Hello! My name is Abby. I am an eighteen-year-old Filipina girl who loves to read!

To tell you honestly, the fire I’ve had with reading books had barely flickered for the past few years. It wasn’t the books to blame, it was my turmoiled mind who was responsible for the stray. But here I am now blazing, embracing my rekindled love for books! And this blog is the first step to the initiation. The stairway to my long-lost heaven.

Let’s have a little time traveling, shall we?

I loved reading story books since I was little (what a trope!). But it was until fifth grade that my brain was severely infested by book worms. It was the period of my life where I found joy and comfort with reading Wattpad stories under the blankets and sleeping right before dawn. Ah, what a nostalgic childhood memory. But that was also the time when I got endless reprimands for my healthy eye bags and absent-mindedness, and when I kissed goodbye my 20/20 vision. Yes, I know, what a typical no self-control adolescent indulging in pleasures.

Then it was in seventh grade when I was introduced by a friend to the apple of my pie, the Young Adult category. I vividly remember The Lighting Thief as being my first ever YA book I’ve read. Though after some time, my reading life had a rollercoaster ride.

But now, voila! She is back and the girl who imagines is born.

I discovered book blogs from my favorite bookstagrammers and booktubers. And so I decided to create my own blog site, where I hope I could share insights and meet new friends with the same interest. And also where I could practice and improve my writing skills (I’m still doubting whether I’m an aspirant or not).

I’m so happy to be part of the bookish blog community. There is no word enough to describe my excitement to discover and explore things within this new endeavor.