Review Policy

I know reviewing a book/movie is usually requested but I personally enjoy sharing my thoughts about what I read/watch, and recommend it to other people.

Although, you can read both movie and book review blogs here, this review policy is only for book reviews. If you’d like to know how I review movies, just check out the Review page.

I choose what I review. I review books depending in how it appealed to me and/or how I felt the urge of making a review about it. I will not post reviews here for every book I’ve/ will read, but I do review them on my Goodreads account.

I usually read under the age categories Middle Grade, Young Adult, and rarely New Adult/Adult, but mostly preferably YA fiction. I like dystopian, fairy tale, fantasy, horror, mythology, thriller and sometimes, contemporary romance (I do enjoy the butterflies and all but I’m not a big fan).

Though I review for personal interests, I am open for book review requests. I will accept physical copies of the book, either paperback or hard bound, ARCs, or in epub format. I will also accept reviews with due date, just let me know when you want it to be published so that I could fit it on my schedule.

If you want to know how I review books, click the Review page!

My bookstagram is currently under its initial conception and it would be my pleasure to feature the physical copy of the book you’ll send. That’s one way of letting my followers know about the review I will make.

If you’re interested to request for a book review, feel free to shoot me an email on (I will only accept requests through email).